Hike TN is designed and written by Charlie Penner (that's me ⬇).

Charlie - trying not to be taken too seriously. And not in TN.

I've been living in Tennessee since 2012, and went on my first "real" backpacking trip in 2015. That trip confirmed what I'd been thinking for several years - I love backpacking! In my time living in Tennessee, I've come to greatly appreciate the variety of terrain and hiking opportunities there are across the state. From local parks to state and national parks (including America's most visited national park), as well the highest peaks on the inimitable Appalachian Trail, there's an abundance of hiking and backpacking opportunities across this state.

I started Hike TN to help people get information about hiking and backpacking in the Tennessee area. If you follow along, you'll find regular updates about destinations (where are some good places to hike?), techniques (how can you get started or become a better hiker?), gear recommendations (what do you need to go hiking?), and of course food (trail tested recipes).  My goal is for Hike TN to be practical and useful (aka Practically Useful). You won't find information about glamping, or RVs, or cabin rentals, or whitewater rafting, or offroading, or birdwatching (to pick a few things). You definitely won't find obnixous ads that takeover the site and make it frustrating to use.

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